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 OE Chronicles- It Starts Here

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EVA Destruction
EVA Destruction

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PostSubject: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:00 pm

Hello. I will be putting the OE Chronicles in this forum and will add new sections with new posts so you know when to check back again Smile If you already read the OE Chronicles- Sneak Preview forum, then you can skip past this first post and pick up to where the new stuff is. Enjoi Smile

OE Chronicles


The sky was bright at Cinnhilif, and new pilots flooded the streets with excitement, holding their new Government Issued Pilots License, the piece of paper every kid dreamed of. I looked at mine and saw my name, Eva Dawson. Yeah, I know, its a girls name, but my buds just call me Eva Destruction cause I could kill almost any NPC that was thrown at me. There was a place for all pilots, it was just a matter of finding it yourself. Be a lone wolf, flood the market, follow the lead, or be the leader. My destination had already been set. I put a petition in for a small faction, a faction I felt the galaxy was missing: a Galactic Police Force. It was a long stretch, and despite criticism from friends and family, I was determined to follow my dreams.

David Keyzz: So your makin a police force huh?
Eva Destruction: Yeah, I know, its impossible. Your not the only one that needs to tell me...
David Keyzz: Actually, I was wondering if I could sign up. Every faction starts somewhere ya know.

The faction started slow, but I managed to make a few recruits. David Keyzz was the most loyal, the others just signed up and faded away. Keyzz helped bring popularity to the faction, and through our efforts, we managed to make the 911 channel in which people would contact for emergency.

Together, we searched system to system and planet to planet, looking for loyal members that would benefit the faction. We came across the Dunagan family. Jeff Dunagan and Daniel Dunagan.

Jeff Dunagan: Dont worry, me and my bro have had plenty of time in the simulator, we know what we are doin.
Eva Destruction: Alright, then welcome aboard fellas.

They helped a lot with recruitment, but business was still slow. Like others that have tried, a Galactic Police Force just didn't work. Most leaders gave up or they couldn't live up to their name. The 911 channel, however, helped boost peoples feelings that maybe we had a chance.

I got my System Defence Craft License a few months later, and it was then that I decided to search the galaxy for a station location, which would be hosted as our headquarters. The galaxy is vast, and terrorized by those that slipped into the dark corners of piracy. It was bound to happen at some point, and I was foolish to travel the deep expanses of space alone. My encounter with the infamous Marko Ramius was not one a person could forget. Nobody forgets the sight of a Battleship heading your way in attack formation, or the events that happen when it is in attack range.

Marko had locked my Defense Craft, and plasma and lasers rained down upon my shields. My turrets and launchers pounded fiercely in return, but I was no match for this experienced hunter. I raced towards the system boundary, but his ship was riding on my tail the entire time and there was no hope of shaking him. He blocked my attempts to jump by putting his ship in my path, preventing me from reaching the boundary. I decided I had to improvise, so I left the bridge and went to the engine room where I found the massive engines. They were roaring with intensity as they put everything they had into escaping Marko. I went into the warp drives hardrive, and bypassed the security mainframe that prevented a ship from warping inside a system boundary, an action that would most certainly have caused a major fine.

I raced back into the bridge, and looked out the view window to find that my shields had fallen, and Marko's artillery was eating away at my ships hull. I quickly flipped the warp lever and jumped to the first system I saw: Svaline.

I didnt check the warp distance, nor did o bother to see how much fuel I had left in my reserves. Svaline was on the far South West corner of the galaxy, and there was no way I was getting back to any nearby stations, I was stranded...

Eva Destruction: Mayday, Mayday. This is Eva Dawson, I am stranded at the Svaline system in the lower 3rd quadrant. I am out of fuel and requesting assistance.

I sent Keyzz a distress signal, informing him I was stranded and I had to set up the HQ in Svaline. My message wouldnt have reached him for another week. The planets of Svaline were barren and dead. I had bittersweet feelings about the new station. We had come so far, and only a handful of small factions ever had the opportunity to set up a station of their own, but I was making the station for my own survival, and business would almost certainly be low way out here.

It took 5 days, but the station had finally been built, and by then, Keyzz had gotten my distress signal and was sending a recovery team. Something flickered out of the corner of my eye, and I walked to the window and peered into space from inside the station. This place was dead, there was no way anything could be out there except rock and gas. But sure enough, a ship was headed my way.it couldnt have been Keyzz or the rescue party, it was too soon, but who could it be? I raced to the control room and scanned the ship. It was a high grade Transport Hauler that many called the Bulk Hauler. They are unarmed ships, but why it was way out here was a sure question. I raced to the hangar bay and watched the ship pull in, it was massive. Its Twin Plasma Engines slowly died down and landed safely.

Out stepped Hcout Dopi, an independent “Highway Runner” that stumbled upon the COPS station.

Hcout Dopi: hey there, nice little hub you got set up here.
Eva Destruction: thanks, how did you find it? It was just set up.
Hcout Dopi: well, you cant expect us Highwayers not to spot a new station right on the highway...
Eva Destruction: what do you mean?
Hcout Dopi: your station... its the last station on the Experience Highway. I got one of the best jobs ive seen in a while going to here.

To my surprise, an influx of Highwayers flooded to the station to see the newest hub. Jobs soared into the 3 thousands in exp. The word of COPS had finally reached the public. The 911 channel was ringing constanly, and new members were desperately needed to suit the needs. Certain members were new to flying, but others were experienced fighters. The gap was just too large and the better pilots demanded more attention. Something had to be done, or things would become corrupt...


The chain faction worked perfectly at the time. The new pilots could be with people like themselves and at the same time help the pilots stranded on 911. SWAT did the dirty work and seeked out pirates to be neutralized. Keyzz was promoted to Captain and was respectfully called Captain Keyzz from then on. I never forgot the events that happened on my journey with Marko, and I was intent on finding him. With the addition of some great pilots to SWAT, we went on massive search parties. Keyzz searched the South East side of the galaxy with Hoploa Wington and Merhione Granger, and I took the South West side with C Smooch and Nero Maximus. Nobody had known that I had an encounter with Marko, nor had anyone seen the battle scars on my System Defense Craft, due to the fact that I used the newly built station to repair the ship.

By now, I had gained enough experience, thanks to Svaline and other highway station, that I could now get my Dreadnaught License, the most feared classes of ships on the market. Most of our searches for Marko had come up empty handed, but we had subdued multiple subjects, and had many more encounters. Another infamous pirate was that of O-Ren Ishii. She targeted mainly Dark Matter systems and colonies, but was found traveling through other systems as well.

My squadron and I met O-Ren while she pummeled a Dark Matter colony near Svaline, at the highway station of Aethran. Dark Matter had called for our assistance, since they knew we had patroled these areas and there forces were hours away. Nero and Smooch got into attack formations to her Battleships sides, and I locked her ship from the front. When our ships were within attack range, we unloaded at her shields. Light and splashes of fire were zipping everywhere. She fired in all directions, but there was no way she could win. My squadron tried blocking her path, but she was too quick. She slipped out of attack range and warped out of the system just before Dark Matter's navy reached the system.

Like the other known pirates, O-Ren would eventually be terminated, but our efforts remained on Marko. Days have passed, and not a single report has been seen on the whereabouts of any pirates besides small raider vessels. But eventually, reports flooded in as a massive attack ensued at the Northern Dark Matter station of Thormasade. It was affirmative, that Marko and other known pirates were bombarding the Dark Matter colonies, and casualties were occurring. My squadron, along with Keyzz's, raced to the Northern quadrants towards Thormasade. It was nearly 7 hours before we got there, but the battle still roared. Multiple Dark Matter Battleships and Dreadnaughts were firing at a multitude of pirates, from Spookshadow, Night Falcon and Storm, to O-Ren and Marko. Our squadrons broke up, and ensued different targets. I headed straight for Marko, but was blocked by O-Ren and Spookshadow. Nero Maximus and C Smooch are double teaming Storm, and the same is with Hoploa and Merhione fighting Night Falcon. Keyzz is fighting Marko 1v1 in their Battleships, and im on my own with O-Ren and Spookshadow.

I quickly targeted Spookshadow in his Destroyer, and firing a few rounds of plasma torpedoes. He quickly ran off, realizing that he was way outgunned. My attention turned to O-Ren. And we both pounded at eachothers shields.

Eva Destruction: Status reports!

Hoploa Wington: the Falcon's shields are down, hitting armor now

Eva Destruction: Nero? Smooch?

Nero Maximus: Storms weapons have been disabled, targeting critical locations now.

Eva Destruction: Keyzz, how're ya holdin up over there?

Captain Keyzz: could be better, my shields are down and hes hitting my armor.

I looked out my window and didnt have a visual on Keyzz and Marko. There were so many ships and debris flying, it was hard to see much at all. Marko was an experienced fighter, but so was Keyzz, and I knew that if Keyzz was in danger, he would warp out. As much as I wanted to kill Marko, I had to focus on O-Ren. I couldnt go anywhere with her on my tail and she needed to be finished. I swung around to the underside of her ship, a dangerous maneuver, but I knew there was little firepower mounted to the underside of ships. I blasted through her shieds had ripped a massive hole in the bottom of her ship with Torpedoes and Pulse Beams. Debris was spewing out, a sure sign that compartments were depressurizing.

I swung around to her side and blasted her ships hangar doors, and sent everything in her hips hangar flying out into space. Her ship was in critical condition, and like last time, I was unable to prevent her from escaping, and she quickly got away. I looked to my left and saw Storm's ship erupt in a fireball of molten debris and dust. Nero and Smooch flew to where Hoploa and Merhione were fighting Night Falcon, and they quickly neutralized his ship.

Captain Keyzz: my hull is in critical condition! I need help urgently!

I scanned for Keyzz's ship and my engines roared as I raced to his aid. I dodged flying debris and crossfire from Dark Matter and the remaining pirates, and finally saw Keyzz and Marko fighting vigorously in the distance. Keyzz's ship was in critical condition, and armor panels were flying off his ship and Marko dug deeper and deeper into Keyzz's hull. I flew up to Marko's side and launched a barrage of torpedoes and lasers.

Captain Keyzz: I gotta get out of here, I cant stay any longer
Eva Destruction: hurry, go, I can handle him.

Keyzz tried to escape, but like me, Marko blocked every chance for him to escape.

Eva Destruction: All forces focus fire on Marko ASAP!

The SWAT forces came rushing in but were stopped by other vessels. Then, a huge crack split down Keyzz's ship, and fire spewed out.

Eva Destruction: Keyzz, come in Keyzz!

But it was too late, the bridge depressurized and the battlefield was illuminated by a fireball from Keyzz's ship.

Eva Destruction: Keyzz! Noooo!!!

Marko slipped out of the battlefield and warped out of the system. Blood was roaring through my body. Keyzz's ship had been completely destroyed, and Keyzz, my friend from the beginning, was gone.

Hoploa Wington: Eva, come in. We have to get out of here!

More pirates had been jumping in, and the other ships were taking heavy damage. We had no choice but to retreat.

The faction mourned the loss of a great Captain, and there was nothing we could do to bring him back. It was a dark time in my life, for I had resorted to depression and alcoholism for months after his death. And as if his death wasn't enough, COPS was taking a heavy blow.

COPS has become nearly inactive, and many pilots are leaving due to fund shortages. A man named Red was sent in, in the hopes that he could revive the faction. There was already a leader there, Judah Bax, but it was apparent that he needed assistance and we thought Red could do the job.

After about a month, we received word that red, the newly appointed leader, had demoted the previous leader and had completely rearranged the ranks not to mine or any of the SWATS likings.

Eva Destruction: You listen to me! If you dont give back Judah's title, I will personally come over there and remove you myself!
Red: You dont scare me, and unless you forget, your no longer the leader and dont have authority over my actions.

Red had completely destroyed the faction from the inside and eventually kicked every pilot and robbed the faction bank. Everyone knew Red was a horrible pilot, and could easily be defeated in battle, but he hid from the public and was never to be seen again. SWAT was reluctant to take in the COPS that had been kicked, and once again, we were finally reunited with our friends. We had all pretty much agreed that we were all better off together, and I decided to turn myself around and get back on track.

Major efforts had been put into the station expansion. We had managed to gather enough cash to buy a brand new station near Svaline, which would contribute to the Highway. It was placed at the Olojene System, and to make this an ideal location for Highwayers, a second station was quickly purchased to add to the same system.

Business at that system was great. Highwayers stopped in for great jobs and stayed over night at the Hotel. But despite our great success in the south, we needed business in the North, so plans were put together to make a Trade Station near the Aurchan Government Sector. Scout teams found a system close to Gov and just enough planets for good security. The system was called Auralin, and despite the fact that the system wasn't on complete lockdown, we were sure nobody would harm the station, so it was set up a short time after the system was discovered. Like most stations, it took about 5 days for its completion, but there was a problem.

On the stations opening day, a colony was discovered on one of the planets, a foreign colony. It belonged to the leader of a faction called Phantoms Shadow. I knew the faction. They claimed not to be pirates, just aggressive pilots. They loved fighting and instigated fights where they could. If they caught someone in one of their systems or refueling at one of their stations, they would instantly be engaged without mercy. After the first colonies discovery, more and more started popping up.

I knew action had to be taken quickly or they would soon control the system. Attack parties were sent to engage the colonies. Within a short time of engagement, Phantom forces arrived. By now, it was apparent that full on war had broken out in the system. I had known that Phantoms Shadow had stolen stations before, but I was not going to sit back and cower while they reaped the benefits from our hard work.

Fighting ensued every day and night. Without the funding from our other stations, we would have never been able to fund for the repair costs and heavy colony damages. Phantoms Shadow had made several direct attacks against our colonies in that system, many of which had casualties to the workers attending to them.

As I patrolled Auralin for enemies, I found a ship that had just warped into the system. I had known it was here for trouble since it was a Palatial Dreadnaught, and I knew it would cause trouble since it was none other than BB, A.K.A Blue Balls.
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EVA Destruction
EVA Destruction

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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:03 pm

His ship was more advanced than mine, and not only that, he was just as good a pilot as Marko.

Eva Destruction: calling all forces, enemy Palatial Dreadnaught in Auralin, requesting backup.

BB raced in my direction and I headed straight for his ship, readying shields and weapons. Our ships came within firing range and turret fire roared through space, impacting each others shields. We circled each other, exchanging fire, and making evasive maneuvers. My shields were dropping fast, and needed assistance to stand a chance.

Merhione Granger: Jumping in now, hang in there.

I saw the warp bubble close as Merhione blasted into the system in her Dreadnaught and quickly rushed to my aid and together we ensued the target. As I had expected, Phantom reinforcements had arrived. Dominic Ashkin, who was nicknamed Dom Inator, had warped in, along with Ruptia Yahull.

Eva Destruction: we need assistance, where are those reinforcements?

C Smooch: reporting sir.

C Smooch and Hoploa Wington had jumped to Auralin in their Dreadnaughts just in time, but unfortunately, Gogo warped in right behind them.

C Smooch: Hop, help Eva and Merhione, I can handle her...

Hoploa Wington: Affirmative

Merhione broke off from BB and fought a 1v1 with Ruptia. Hop reached my ship and together we fought DoM and BB.

C Smooch: gah, her shields are too strong. Dunno how much longer I can handle this.

My shields were long gone and same with Hoploa's. We knew BB couldnt stay in the fight much longer, he had already been double teamed and most of the fire was still focused at him.

Eva Destruction: Merhione, status report

Merhione Granger: Im fine

I could see her ship was taking damage, and her tone worried me, so I scanned her ship for damages. The scan showed several hull punctures and multiple cabins had depressurized.

Eva Destruction: Merhione, get out of here, your not in good condition.

Merhione Granger: dont worry about me, I can handle it.

C Smooch: Eva I gotta jump, im taking heavy damages.

BB eventually had to warp off due to damages as well, but I was sure he would be back. Gogo headed our way to replace BB, and fired upon our ships. Armour panels and gas pockets were shooting out of my ship, I needed to escape. A scan also showed Hoploas ship was taking heavy damages. Our ships just werent advanced enough, and these were skilled hunters that know every aspect of fighting. Our small numbers never had a chance.

Eva Destruction: all forces fall back, warp out, we cant handle them.

Smooch flew ahead of me and warped out, and Hoploa was behind him. I looked back and saw Merhione still engaged in combat.

Eva Destruction: Merhione! Get out of there!

Merhione Granger: its ok, ive almost got him...

Eva Destruction: Merhione, fall back! Thats an order.

Merhione Granger: I told you, I'm-

Merhiones ship shuddered. Fire spewed out and all the lights went black. Her power went out from exhaustion and heavy damages. All was quiet, then, horror struck. Her bridge erupted in a ball of fire from Ruptias torpedoes, and the ship split down the side and shattered into fiery debris and molten metals.

Eva Destruction: Nooo!

All 3 ships were headed my way and I had no choice but to warp out. I made a rendezvous with the other SWAT pilots at a nearby system in the Government Zone. I went to the control bay of the station and went to the interstellar transmitter.

Eva Destruction: Merhione, come in Merhione.


Eva Destruction: Merhione, are you there? Please respond.

My eyes were swelling up, I cant believe I had lost another fellow pilot.

Eva Destruction: Merhione....

Eva Destruction: Oh God Merhione just resp-

Merhione Granger: ...come in... stranded... requesting asistance...

My heart nearly skipped a beat. I copied her coordinates and jumped in a Government Scout, the fastest of its kind, and raced to the Myrnlor system, where she was stranded. How could this happen? I saw her ship get destroyed. But it all didnt matter, she was alive.

I warped into the system and saw a small ship floating above a planet. I approached the ship and sure enough, it was an MK4 Shuttle, chard and damaged It was her. She docked my ship and my eyes swelled up.

Eva Destruction: Merhione... I thought I lost you.

Merhione Granger: Not yet at least.

We met up with the rest of the faction and had to figure something out. We watched as colony distress messages flooded in with nothing we could do. Hundreds of workers would be killed. We couldnt handle Phantoms Shadow by ourselves. Conveniently, PS had ensued in a fight with a well known faction named TRK, Team Roadkill. PS had stolen one of TRK's stations in the Janperrier system and TRK was unable to recover the station. Since our factions had similar goals, I contacted the leaders.


I went with Hoploa Wington and met in person with Brian R. and Helio Solis at one of their headquarters at Myrncinn.

Helio Solis: Greetings Eva, its good to finally meet you.

Eva Destruction: And you as well.

We discussed our situations, and a possible alliance effort to retrieve out lost stations. TRK had an excellent navy, and our combined forces would surely crush PS and their small numbers.

Brian R: we will fight by your side in any battle, for we too have taken several casualties and losses.

Eva Destruction: And we will be sure to aid you in any attack against your colonies in return.

Auralin had finally fallen into the grasp of PS, and the system was on complete lockdown. The main target and goal was to retrieve Auralin and put it on solid lockdown, then head for Janperrier. A massive attack was planned, and on the day of the attack, everyone was ready for the worst.

I reworked my Dreadnaught and prepared for entry into the system. In my Squadron was Hoploa Wington, Merhione Granger, Zu Hulu, Brian R, and the newly recruited SWAT member, Shogun Yoshimura. Another Squadron was assembled under the command of Helio Solis with C Smooch, Nero Maximus, Zack Joseph, Marcel Houle, and Tyler Moore.

Both squadrons warped in at the same time at different locations of the system. With little time to spare, we raced to our assigned targets. The station planet of Auralin came into view. We descended upon the military outposts on the planet, and came into range of the PS Fort HQ.

EVA Destruction: The HQ is coming into sight. Prepare for fire.

I watched from my observation deck as group troops scurried into their posts as they saw our ships dive from the heavens.

EVA Destruction: Aquire targets. Fire at will.

At my command, laser fire poured over the fort like a volcano spewing its rage from hell. Workers commanding the shield generators ran in fear. The ground trembled with ferocity as buildings burned and crumbled to the ground.

Helio Solis: Squadron leader, come in. This is Helio Solis

My Comm Link burst to life with Helios voice.

EVA Destruction: I hear ya, go ahead.

Helio Solis: It's PS, they are here. Blue balls and Dom have just entered the system. They are not engaging, they seem to realize they are overwhelmed.

EVA Destruction: Affirmative, keep a close watch. The fort wont last very long.

Workers had assumed control of the ground cannons and were firing upon my squadron. Hoploa and Zu Hulu quickly engaged he ground forces and destroyed them with laser fire. With no defences, the Fort was quickly burried in ash.

Helio Solis: Squadron Leader... im not quite sure what to make of this...

EVA Destruction: What is it?

Helio Solis: Its The Phoenix, they just warped in and are approaching the station.

EVA Destruction: The Phoenix? They must be passing by. Do not engage.

Helio Solis: Affirmative.

The Phoenix was a rebel faction that recently broke off from the powerful faction of the Iron Union. We had no connection to them, and had no reason to fear them. I had assumed they had just wanted fuel and had stumbled upon this fight by mistake. As the SWAT Fort was being set up to claim the planet, a horrible shock broke the short victory.

Helio Solis: I'm being locked!

EVA Destruction: Helio, PS must be out of their minds to engage us with out numbers. Quickly take them out.

Helio Solis: Squadron Leader, im going to need some help up here, im under heavy fire... and its not by PS.

*Coming Soon! Phoenix will be introduced into the Auralin Battle and will become a huge player in the OE Chronicles. Stay Tuned!*

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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:55 pm

you should totally become a writer. just saying cause this is awesome Smile
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Helio Solis
Helio Solis

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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:23 pm

Ery nice. Fun to read. Keep them coming.
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A Fluffy-Bunny

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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:20 pm

just need an A-Team one now Very Happy
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oliver Cooksey

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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:54 am

MORE!!!! Great Job Eva Smile
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A Fluffy-Bunny

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PostSubject: Piece by Piece   Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:42 pm


Lone pirate "Kyle James Storm" is the best at what he does, but after one of his most successful bombing he is low on funds and needs a revival. He runs into the famous LEGION commander "Sydney Jane August" he gets the boost he needs. The two pilots will soon learn to love even in the events of war. The rebels also have found a new hope. They see Storm as a leader even when he denies all claims to be associated with the rebels. Pirates, rebels, and deserters all have the same goal. To pick apart the government, piece by piece.
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PostSubject: Re: OE Chronicles- It Starts Here   

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OE Chronicles- It Starts Here
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