A-Team is a faction of outer empires.
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 Announcement of support for Arya, Apology for her incarceration.

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Helio Solis
Helio Solis

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PostSubject: Announcement of support for Arya, Apology for her incarceration.   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:13 am

An Open Letter From the Desk of Councillor Helio Solis:

To All Pilots of Nyridia:

I concede the Presidency to Councillor Imperator Arya Astra. I wish the best for your administration and will work cooperatively towards more a productive and Open Government.

On behalf of A-Team, I publicly apologize for your incarceration in our secret Oloraseval jail, within 24 hours before the election.

We have returned all of the items removed from your Illiszorary Office, except for the illegal weapons found under your couch. We have agreed not to prosecute you due to the embarrassment of the timing of your incarceration, and in exchange for your agreement not to press charges. Councillor Corwin Dulac's bizarre actions resulting in your incarceration did not result in any criminal charges either.

Get Involved Now! As part of Councillor Helio's dedication to Open Gov the new Council asks for your help to set their agenda go to http://forums.outer-empires.com and join in on the discussion, in Announcements Section. Add a new idea for Council to consider or support an old idea that is important to you.

Very Truly Yours,

Councillor Helio Solis
Leader of A-Team
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Announcement of support for Arya, Apology for her incarceration.
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